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Meat & Fish Industry
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Bio Products

Bakery & Confectionery

Coffee & Snack

Restaurant, Take away & Delivery


Ice cream


Meat & Fish

ECO Packaging

We are importing ECO packaging and we are best at what we do!



Diverse sustainable packaging made from environmentally friendly materials.



From recycled cardboard and plastic to reduce the consumption of raw materials.



In compliance with global environmental standards.

Custom-Printed Packages

Would you like to give a really special touch to your package? For those occasions where every single detail will make the difference, customise our package with your own logo, drawing or colour!

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A Functional Product And Unique “Click Clack” Lid Innovative Ventilation

Group Guillin


Herbs Packboardable Range

Baking Molds

Paper Disposable Loaf


Eco Series

Coated Baking Molds


ECO «Pure Kraft»

Made from renewable and biodegradable paperboard


Paper bag

With Square Bottoms, Handles and Windows

Two layer "Kraft" Cups

For Cold Beverages


For Fresh Products


Packaging Cyprus

Bake and Pack is a family-owned company that sells quality packaging products to companies in Cyprus. Our company has been in the industry for years and has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the packaging Cyprus industry.

At Bake and Pack, we have created and nurtured business relationships with companies from around the world. We source our packaging products from countries like Italy, France, Greece, Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, China, Egypt and other countries. We select our suppliers carefully to ensure that they are using the best environmentally-friendly practices. Some of our partners are DoEco, Guillin, FirstPack, Medac, Faerch, NNZ, Poloplast, Novacart, Biopap, Nespak, and Pet Egypt.

Leading packaging Cyprus Company

As the leading packaging Cyprus company, we are fortunate to call the biggest companies in the country our customers. We work with countries in various sectors. Our biggest clients are bakeries, meat and fish companies, confectioneries, coffee shops, restaurants, catering companies, agricultural companies and ice cream shops. We are constantly adding more packaging products to suit the upcoming industries.

Some of the packaging products we supply are baking moulds, plastic and paper cups, trays and containers, and food bags among others.

We understand that many companies want customized packaging products. We have introduced the opportunity to provide this customization. We add logos and other promotional messages on the products we supply.

At Bake and Pack, our success depends on the quality and variety of products that we offer to our customers. It is this reason that we go to greater lengths to ensure that we are sourcing from the best companies. We also add our input to some of our manufacturers.

The quality of products is not enough. Our people are our greatest asset. As a family company, we do our best to ensure that we only get the best employees. We have invested in the best customer service executives, the best logistics members, and also the most experienced sourcing managers. All this helps us to supply packaging Cyprus products all around Cyprus at the right time. We are always stocked to deliver products on short notice.

The packaging industry is changing rapidly. Consumers and companies are more sensitive about the environment now more than ever. In addition, the demand for newer types of packaging products is increasing. We are constantly working with our clients to understand the products they need. We are also working with our suppliers to help them understand the specific needs of our customers.

At Bake and Pack, we are thrilled to serve our customers. We are always excited to help them serve their customers better. You can look at our catalogues on the website.